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Start Strong, Stay Strong

Summer is starting, and moms all over the 1980whatever are all “I printed out a weekly activity chart” and “my kids have to do at least 6 chores to earn a trip to the snack bar” and “workbooks AND the library summer reading program, totally.”

I’m here to tell you, if you can start this strong and stay this strong you are a much stronger woman than I. I’ve also started the summer this way. Creative centers in the playroom, art time in the driveway, nature walks. I’ve printed out the summer schedule of $1 movies and circled activities at the library, the other library, and even that other library. We’d do day trips and try new foods and the babysitter would always help clean up the kitchen and keep the laundry moving along so mommy could enjoy some of the good old fashioned fun of summer.


Here are the rules for this summer:

1. Nothing blue. That means blue raspberry Planet Ice, blue Rita’s, blue slushies, or blue freezer pops at the pool. Blue food dye does not agree with my kids and it’s important to have boundaries.

2. No screen before swim team.

3. The tween is learning how to do her own laundry since she’s heading to 7th Grade in the fall and she already hates me so why not?

That’s it. The blue food dye thing which gives my kids belly aches and the no screen before swim team thing because then I don’t have to fight with them to leave the house for swim team at 8:50 am and the laundry thing because I can. The rest? We’re just going to take it day by day, hour by hour. Will they read? Of course, they always do. But no charts to complete or incentives. Will they help around the house? They damn well better. Will they be a little creative? A little bored? A little over sugared and under slept? Probably. Will we survive? I suspect we will.

It’s Summer 18. Stay strong.

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