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The Last Sign Up Genius

For some of us, field day or end of year picnic is the last sign up genius of the year … but for my dear friend and business partner, she just got the last sign up genius of high school for her last child. She is graduating from sign up geniuses. Peace out, paper goods and juice boxes and bags of salty snacks. She can delete the app and possibly never ever have to scramble to sign up for something besides cut up fruit again.

Of course, who needs a sign up genius for beach week for graduating seniors? These kids are headed off to college in a few lightning fast months - do they really need their mothers to sign up for paper towels and pasta or can they spend a few hours figuring it out for themselves? Put another way - in the words of a wise wingmom - instead of giving him life skills, she’s giving him a sandwich.

This time of year more than any other, that’s the struggle. Busy with end of year school stuff, no day is the same, the routine has totally crumbled - will “one more thing” set off a domino effect of insanity when I really need 20 more minutes of calm? Do I help them out by picking up the dirty socks on the dining room floor (see the Buzz instagram for proof), or get them up from whatever they are doing to do it themselves, when they clearly can?

Urgent: start the laundry. Important: teach the kids to pick up their own effing socks.

This summer, I’m starting strong on the life skills side. Tween will be taking over her own laundry beginning next week. The kids are already versed in dishwasher emptying, trash removal, and sheet-changing — a few new skills will be added to the repertoire this summer. Lists are being made as we speak. Maybe I’ll get the kids their own sign up genius accounts so they can sign up for the endless tasks that need to be completed around the house?

It’s all happening.

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