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Settling in

Quick check-in: how’s it going so far? This week all three of our kids cried at the pool, and they are 10, 10, and almost 13 - so whatever you have going on, I feel you. In each instance, it was a combination of things that set them off …. but the one common denominator was sheer and unbridled exhaustion. These kids are soft. They are not used to so many collective hours in the sunshine, running around with friends, and hitting the snack bar for sugar infusions. I look at it like boot camp - if we are going to be expected to stay up late and enjoy fireworks in a few weeks, long nights at the pool and beach later in the summer, we have to put in the training time NOW. The first week isn’t supposed to be fun. The second week probably isn’t either, so go ahead and lower those expectations and then lower them some more.

The first heat wave of summer is predicted to be rolling in any time now, and most of the camps are starting. This might be the week to book a visit to SkyZone or the movies. Incredibles 2, anyone? The good news is that the babysitters are back from Firefly tomorrow - and don’t forget, you are paying them to do the stuff you hate, so go ahead and send THEM to Skyzone. You can read on the porch until you hear the car roll up, and then you can be folding a towel while they walk in the door and tell them that you’ve been doing laundry this whole time. #selfcare

Speaking of self care, that’s pretty important in the summer. Treat yourself by finding the massage gift certificate you got for Mother’s Day LAST year and finally booking that spa hour. You’re worth it.

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