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Summer, Naturally

Are you excited that summer is here, yet so over the idea of sunburns and bug bites, before they’ve even happened? I don’t know about you, but I am!! While summer is one of the most incredible times of year, it brings its own unique set of challenges for any family. Did you know that too much skin exposure to the sun can not only put you at higher risk of skin cancer but can also prematurely age your skin? Up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging may be caused by sun exposure. No thanks!! And how can you keep those pesky bugs away when your body seems to attract them with magnetic force? Let me share a few tips!

A little sun exposure is healthy for our bodies, but we want to filter out UVA and UVB light waves in order to protect our skin. The easiest and safest way to avoid sun damage is to stay in the shade and wear a hat or long sleeves, but this isn’t always possible and definitely isn’t fun. Sunscreen is a product that most of us turn to, but what about all of the chemicals found in most store-bought brands?! Do your family and yourself a favor and look up the ingredients on the back of your bottle. Spray sunscreens are of particular concern. Search for a product made with ingredients you can feel good about putting on your babies, not one that leaves you questioning the risks. The one I love best is mineral based, formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, for all skin types. It provides protection against harmful rays without harsh synthetic chemicals. Hypoallergenic ingredients and skin-loving essential oils, including Helichrysum, Carrot Seed, and Sacred Frankincense make it even more appealing. It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin so we don’t look like a bunch of ghosts. As with any sunscreen, it’s important to reapply frequently.

And what if the sun happens to kiss your skin a little more than you’d like? Try a naturally derived after-sun spray for temporary relief from the pain and itching and to help prevent peeling. My favorite product works great for minor sunburn and also provides relief for minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and skin irritations, because #lifewithkids. And don’t forget a replenishing lotion or body butter to help rehydrate dry skin. My go-tos feature lavender and lime essential oils and plant-based ingredients that deeply moisturize skin without my booty sticking to the seat.

Lastly, we love to savor our time outdoors on beautiful summer evenings but what about those pesky bugs? My sweet kiddos normally get eaten alive from head to toe but this season we’ve switched to a plant-based repellant and we haven’t gotten one bite! Citronella. Lemongrass. Rosemary. Geranium. Spearmint. Thyme. Clove. It smells delicious and works incredibly well. We just put some of this non-sticky, non-greasy liquid gold into a roller bottle, apply to a few key places, and we are good to go. Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas fly the other direction when they smell us coming! It’s a nice alternative to the golf ball-sized welts from yesteryear.

These are just a few of my favorite summer essentials from Young Living, a wellness company that I trust and am proud to represent as an independent distributor. Interested in trying any of them? Email me at by June 30th for free samples or any time to learn more about Young Living or to attend or host a class. Ready to order any of these goodies? Let me help you become a member and save!

Wellness is my passion and I love sharing it with others. Knowledge is power. Thanks to Brandywine Buzz for having me again here on the blog. Click here to see my last guest post, “Know Better, Do Better.”

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