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Bucket List

We’re at the proverbial halfway point, when the 4th of July is in the rearview mirror and the next long weekend is Labor Day. Are you checking things off your summer bucket list?

So far we’ve accomplished quite a lot - pool days and beach days and a visit to the Chesapeake Bay and a first experience at sleepaway camp and spontaneous friend sleepovers and time with cousins. Still to come: beach vacation, sister’s wedding, UD Youth Football camp, Delaware Theatre Co Summer on Stage, Red Clay STEM camp, daughter’s 13th birthday, cleaning out the kids’ closets.

Here’s another thing to add to your summer list: make the kids do stuff. Like seriously. As much stuff as they possibly can. Even if you have them take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, help with the laundry, pick up their rooms, and make their beds ALL ON THE SAME DAY, they still have 23.5 hours to play, YouTube, swim, goof off, rest, eat all the snacks, and rest. I mean, it won’t kill them to lighten your load a little bit. You’re even doing them a favor, making them more marketable as a future roommate.

This summer, my kids are learning how to load a dishwasher and straighten up the pillows on the couch after they get up from loafing off on it. Do they do it right? Nope. Is it good enough? YUP. Do they have the time to spare? Well, since in the time it’s taken me to type this paragraph, I’ve approved TWO APP REQUESTS, I’m going with yes.

I know that there are parents who don’t like how their kids put away the laundry or fold the towels or stack the dishwasher. This is okay. You can still let the kids do this stuff and you don’t have to like it, you just need to take a page from Elsa’s book and It’s good for them and probably good for you. Hit me up if you need a good book rec.

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