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An Unlikely Role Model

Picture this: a young woman in a sequined body suit. Knee high boots. Strutting a stage, lots of hip action, and singing lyrics like “I only bought this dress so you could take it off.”

Are you thinking this is perhaps not the ideal role model for your 12 year old?

WRONG. Taylor Swift manages to be a captivating performer for the moms, dads, grandparents AND kids in the audience — all while sending a well-articulated message of gratitude, appreciation, and humor. Girlfriend tore it up at Lincoln Financial Field for two nights this weekend and left me - and I can only assume every other person there - wanting more.

Here’s what I loved as a mom:

1. FAMILY. First off, she mentions her parents during the show. Yes, you can be a teen idol, mega-successful star with a stage presence like WOW and a massive paparazzi following and have a respectable relationship with your parents. Mrs. Swift gives out back stage passes to fans that she selects based on their energy and enthusiasm (what a way to reward THAT!), Taylor’s dad scopes the fans and tells her about the energy and glitter levels on-site. I mean, c’mon. How cute is that?

2. GRATITUDE. Taylor thanks her fans constantly, remarking on their ensembles and enthusiasm. She also thanks her band, dancers, and the 300 people that travel with the tour to build the stage, etc, and mentioned the 4,000 people that made it possible to put on her show in Philly. When you think about it - parking attendants, security personnel, vendors, etc. - you really can begin to understand why tickets are $$$$$. A great way to remind the kids in the audience that, while she’s a solo act, she’s got a lot of people backing her up. No one does it alone.

3. GRACE + GRIT. So Taylor climbs into this blinged-out cage and rises above the stage … and then drops back down to the stage at the end of the song. Total stage malfunction. She regroups, lets the audience in on what’s going on in her ear, takes control with an a cappella version of Our Song - a total throwback - and regroups in front of 50,000 fans while her band catches up. Just an amazing example of grace under pressure, and a clear sign of how completely prepared she is for whatever comes at her.

Here’s what I loved as a fan:

TALENT. Guitar, piano, song-writing, singing, dancing, and stage presence. She’s got it all and puts it all out there.

This headliner has come a long way since Love Story (the old Taylor really is dead) - and we can’t wait to see where she’s going. Until yesterday, my daughter was a Taylor Swift fan and I was along for the ride. Not anymore.

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