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Little Ladybugs

The annual Ladybug Festival has established itself as one of Wilmington’s premiere summer events. While its main focus is the celebration of women in music, the family-friendly fest plans on trying something new this year to appeal to their younger attendees.

Little Ladybugs makes its festival debut on July 21st, a kid-focused addition to the days’ events with no shortage of fun ways to keep the kiddos entertained, with female musicians leading the way, of course.

Young’uns can bounce around to early childhood music teachers Jump Jive and Jam, sing along with the folksy Lolly Hopwood or get busy jamming with Morgan, Jess & Friends. There’s even face painting from the incomparable Dori Fostok and her Party Business, along with an assortment of inclusive, inspiring and diverse Barefoot Books, publishers of books for children that encourage discovery, compassion, creativity and global awareness.

The mini-event within the festival is another pioneering move by Ladybug presenters, Gable Music Ventures, in the ongoing growth of the city’s biggest summer music celebration, which has seen attendance rise each year. And more people most definitely means more families.

“The event has always been family friendly,” says Gable’s Jeremy Hebbel. “And we frequently see families with small children every year and always think about how nice it would be to have more children’s music.”

The event’s location inside the Delaware History Museum was the brainchild of Ladybug co-founder, Gable Music’s Gayle Dillman. “She specifically wanted to come up with some programming that would bring children and families into the museum,” Hebbel adds. In fact, the first 100 people to attend Little Ladybugs will get a free pass to the museum for a later date.

“Delaware has a rich history which is beautifully captured in this museum,” Dillman herself explains. “Our hope is to bring children and families in to not only experience music, but the history of Delaware.”

Check out Little Ladybugs, Saturday, July 21, at the Delaware History Museum on Market Street in Wilmington from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

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