Survival Diary

Survival Diary Day 49: It appears that a band of raccoons has broken into the house. I base this on the ever-present trail of juice pouches and open boxes of cereal, because obviously it can’t be my children leaving actual trash on the coffee table and opening new cereal boxes when there are already several - SEVERAL - boxes open. I think the raccoons also go swimming because the goggles have gone missing (again, my children always keep track of their items), and there are seemingly wet towels piled up in areas where we don’t normally keep wet towels, like the backseat of the car and the wood floor in the foyer. Finally, the raccoons are clearly couch potatoes - having tossed every decorative throw and pillow onto the floor in front of the couch, and having left crumbs and other evidence in their place.

Yet somehow, with only 36 days of summer “break” left - I kind of want to hit pause. I mean, I don’t want to hit pause on cleaning up after kids completely capable of cleaning up after themselves (every day it’s an internal struggle, do I want the cleaned up house or do I want the kids to do a half-ass job of it after me hounding them 22 times?) and I don’t want to hit pause on applying sunscreen … but the rest of it? Spontaneously fun pool nights and books at the beach and hours on the screened in porch? Yes, I could use a few more months of that.

Wonder how I will feel in 14 more days … or 21 …

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