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This is Not A Democracy

A friend was driving her kids to the beach recently. Bicker, argue, question, request, bicker, argue, question, request. For 90+ miles. Somewhere near Milford, she told them that there would be no more questions, no more arguing, no more requests, and in fact no more talking AT ALL until they got to Lewes.

The two-year-old kept right on insisting on snacks and entertainment. The rising 3rd grader accepted this and quieted down. The rising 5th grader thought about it for a minute, and launched into a well-argued soliloquy on the constitution and how we, as Americans, are guaranteed certain freedoms and one of them is freedom of speech and so her mother was violating her constitutional rights by telling her she could not speak for the duration of the trip.


Ummm, I hate to be the one to share the bad news with you, wicked smart 10 year olds etc., but this is not a democracy. No one voted for me - the title I hold is mine until you no longer live here, or until I no longer do. I am your totalitarian dictator who controls where you go and when, how you get there, and what you are and are not allowed to say or do en route. You do not get a vote for what’s for dinner, where we are going on vacation or for today’s errands or if you’re allowed to get a small cone or a full-blown ice cream sundae. When it’s time to clean your room, clean your room. Your pursuit of happiness depends on it. When it’s time to get dressed for church, get dressed for church. Don’t want to go to church today? Oh well; there is no freedom of religion for you. Similarly, you are not allowed to say “crap”, “sucks”, or “motherfletcher” - there is no freedom of speech for you. Likewise, there is no right to bear arms for you. Put the Nerf gun away when I tell you to put it away or I will throw it right in that Goodwill bag that already contains the books, toys, and shoes I told you to put away last week.

Running this tiny microcosm of a country is not easy and this Mom is aiming to maintain order and peace in the land.

This is not a democracy. This is a mom-ocracy, and there are no term limits.

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