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It’s August ELEVENTH and I just saw an ad from Chasing Fireflies sponsored on Facebook for Halloween costumes. No. First of all, Chasing Fireflies is crazy adorable but it is absurd to buy a Halloween costume that costs more than it costs to become an annual sustaining member of WHYY and it is especially unnecessary to do this before Labor Day.

It’s mid-freaking-August. It’s time to think about, but not actually commit to, removing the sand from the trunk of your car. It’s time to buy a few more sunscreens since there is so much summer left. It’s time to maybe - MAYBE - grab a few school supplies but you really do have another two or three weeks there so don’t get nuts yet. It’s definitely time to rally for a few more pool nights, grill tonight’s dinner, and blow a few more rolls of quarters on Skeeball at Funland. I mean sure, the sun is setting a bit earlier these days. Meet the teacher night is coming up fast. The leaves are showing signs of turning. But.


Summer is NOT over yet. It can’t be - because we’re not quite ready. We’ve got a few things left on our summer bucket list. We’re not quite ready yet.

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