Meet The Teacher

Nothing - NOTHING - brings it all rushing back like meet the teacher night. The nerves, the apprehension, the excitement - the first glimpse of the class list and the knowledge that soon, maybe too soon, lunchboxes and backpacks will cram the cubbies and freshly sharpened #2 pencils will spill out of desks. Maybe that’s why the last few fleeting days of summer are even sweeter - because they are nearly extinct. The calendar says that we have almost a month of summer left - and the heat wave on the way confirms it - but we know the truth. Once the backpacks replace the pool towels on the floor of the mudroom, it’s all over. School supplies today, Halloween costumes tomorrow.

But still - with only hours left until school starts or a whole week - we are all yearning for a few more bites of summer. One last watermelon, a grilled hot dog eaten in the backyard of your friend’s house while they kids throw water balloons at one another and laugh their head off, one last fire pit. Just a little bit s’more summer.

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