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It’s A Phase

Teething? It’s a phase. Climbing out of the crib? Biting? The pacifier? It’s a phase. I promise promise promise you that one day, your child will not be teething, will not have a perpetually runny nose, will sleep for hours on end, will take a bottle or give up the bottle or move on from whatever is causing the most stress du jour.

Knowing this for sure - that phases come and phases go - will be your strongest asset when you attempt to parent a teenager.

I’m doing this now, attempting to parent a teenager. She does not want to be parented except when she does, and then she wants like ALL THE PARENTING and support and guidance and understanding and time and of course the times she wants this hands-on approach looks exactly like the times when she wants none of it or only some of it. And also not like that.

And yet I tell myself this: it’s a phase. One day she won’t scream at me that I don’t understand her and that I don’t know anything. Child, I have a college degree and I run a successful small business and I have a mortgage and have traveled internationally and I can promise you, I might not know what you’re talking about right now, but I do know a few things. Some of that knowledge even benefits you greatly, like earning money and cooking food and driving cars and washing clothes.

It’s a phase. It’s just a phase.

P.S. I read an article today about how yelling at your kids doesn’t work - is there any research on yelling at your parents???

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