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October, FINALLY

Finally, it is September 94th and we can prepare to turn the calendar to October. Why did September feel like it lasted for 3 months? Was it the 88 inches of rain that fell each week? Was it the endlessly cancelled soccer practices? The extreme humidity? The 42 forms you had to fill out for each kid and for each teacher, plus the nurse, plus lunch accounts, plus adding meet the teacher night and curriculum night to the calendar which already had all the practices and games and tournaments on it?

Once again, September duped me. I envisioned pumpkin spiced lattes and blanket scarves on the sidelines. I pictured holding a coffee mug with two hands at the bus stop, leaves falling gently and the sun warm on my shoulders on chilly early fall mornings. What I got? Frizzy hair, tee shirts, and driving to the bus stop since it rained every morning and also we basically keep missing the bus because September can’t get it’s act together and they are still changing the damn route.

September, I won’t miss you. October, you better deliver: I’m talking honey crisp apples in a bowl on my table, suede brown booties and a shirt that is fall plaid AF, and a spiced pumpkin skinny half-caff latte. PRONTO.

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