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Out of Office

It feels so indulgent to share this, but the Buzz is out of office. Since LAST THURSDAY. True story: as you are reading this, we are wrapping up a 10 day trip to Europe … while the kids are wrapping up a 10 day sugar coma brought on by the Lucky Charms, hershey’s syrup, and fruit snacks my mother has been steadily feeding the kids since we left. No, that is not a complaint: I truly believe that it is a grandparent’s right to spoil their grandkids rotten and it is a parent’s responsibility to give those grandparents every.single.chance to do so.

We’ll return home tomorrow after Octoberfest in Munich, the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, the Vienna Opera House, the world-famous baths in Budapest to kids who have watched too much TV and have not had their homework packets signed in weeks. Undoubtedly, something will have fallen through the cracks - a forgotten permission slip, a missed before-school club meeting. But the thing that will be really missed will be me. As we ran around in circles getting ready for the trip, I asked my very capable spouse to step in and handle more of the day-to-day kid duties that just usually magically happen while he is still at work and I’m at home in the late afternoons (a “perk” of owning one’s own business is making one’s own hours, which is why this is being typed at 10:46 pm). Could he fill out the the data card for the field trip, get the dinner organized, manage the homework supervision? Surely yes.


My husband was more than willing and capable. But Twin B likes how Mom explains mixed fractions and Teen just needs Mom to help with a Halloween costume crisis and Twin A needs to log in to Schoology and Mom knows the password. Turns out there is no good substitute for a Mom and I just hope my Mom has survived it all without losing too much sanity … since I’m still going to need her to babysit from time to time. Fingers crossed!

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