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Who You Are in the Voting Booth is Who You Are

How often do we really get the chance to make a major statement in complete and total anonymity? Like, never. It happens once every two years - maybe slightly more if you live somewhere with a special election. They say that if you are not nice to the waiter, you are not nice … I will go one further: if you are not you in the voting booth, you are not you.

Case in point: my dad is planning to vote for someone I do not support politically, who lives in his district and not in mine. I said “Dad, should I barrage you with literature and texts and conversations for two more weeks, or will you just agree to vote for her?” His response: “I can tell you I’ll vote for her, but you’ll never know for sure.”

He’s right. No one will ever know how you vote. They can make a hundred predictions on how you’ll vote, and a hundred generalizations about “middle aged moms” and “suburban college-educated women” but they will never know for sure what decisions you make inside the curtain. Only you will know that. You can be your outward-facing persona for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, but in that one or two minutes - and that’s literally all it takes - you are perhaps the truest self you can be. It’s more personal than a confessional. It’s literally who you are when no one, not anyone, not any chance of anyone, ever, finding out the truth.

So who are you? Are you apathetic? I doubt it. Are you pleased with how our politics and government are today? Hmmmm. Are you uninformed? Luckily you have time to change that. Spend the time to get to know the candidates that are going to represent you in your state legislature and in Washington, D.C. Make it your business to be informed about how they vote and how they plan to vote about the things that matter to you and to the children you are trying to raise - whether it’s the environment, healthcare, reproductive rights, tax laws, or gun legislation.

I promise you this: those that have a strong opinion are planning to vote. You should too. Tuesday, November 6 is just over two weeks away. You’ve got time.

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