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Five Things for This Week

As Halloween arrives and October departs - a few things of note:

1. Go see A Star Is Born. Don’t wait and don’t ask questions. It’s worth every minute that you should be doing something else. Pay a sitter, skip work, do whatever you have to do.

2. After the kids almost vomit and go to bed on Wednesday night after trick-or-treating, take your favorite pieces out and hide them in a ziplock bag in the back of your cabinet for emergencies that require chocolate. Those emergencies will come up sooner than later as we enter No School November.

3. Didn’t know about No School November? Yeah, it’s when we recognize election day and a grading day and veterans day and A FULL WEEK OFF FOR THANKSGIVING all in a three week period, rendering parents insane. See what I mean about the chocolate???

4. Another use for that hidden chocolate stash is when you realize that it is ALREADY school choice / open house season and it’s time to line up shadow days etc. for your kids for NEXT school year, even though this school year feels like it’s just getting started and you haven’t even seen one report card yet. Take a look at the school open house calendars (or head on over to School Buzz) so you can stress about this for 10 straight months.

5. Please make a plan to vote. Figure out where your polling place is, what time it opens, how you are going to get there. Bring the kids or find someone to watch them. Don’t put it off until late in the day. Go in the morning and spend all day knowing that you did your part to make our democracy work. If you’re happy with how things are, vote. If you’re not, VOTE. If you’re not sure about who to vote for, check out this link, and get informed, and VOTE.

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