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Massage is good for you and your family.

Julia Semple is a Licensed Massage Therapist at Strata Modalities INC. Located in Wilmington. She provides CUSTOMIZED SESSIONS using advanced massage techniques, incorporating both science and the healing arts as part of an alternative and integrative treatment plan. For over a decade, she has worked in professional spas and country clubs in the greater Delaware area while also providing massage for sports, social, and corporate events. If you’re ready to take a step forward and hit the reset button for both MIND and BODY, visit, or call/text 302-635-0345

Sometimes, the first reaction I get from people upon hearing that I’m a massage therapist is their reasoning for liking or disliking massage. Inevitably, what I hear most often in these reasons for both arguments are words such as “pampering” and “indulgence.” Yes, it certainly can be a “treat” to get a massage, but I like to think of it as more of a tool for maintaining your physical and mental well-being. It can also be a means of helping one reach a health goal. We are a society of doers. Especially parents. Parents do for everyone else and make sacrifices so that children can benefit. Parents also model good behavior for their offspring. By taking care of ourselves, we model behavior that teaches them to do the same. If you provide good nutrition for your family, a safe supportive home, good education opportunities, and yet don’t teach them the value of self-care, then children also stand the chance of burn out. Some form of serious physical and emotional fatigue is bound to happen. It seems to be all too common these days and can be avoided.

Many that see the value of massage, still resist getting one because they feel it is an over indulgence or something they don’t deserve. I can’t tell you how often I hear “why don’t I do this more often,” as a massage ends. They are immediately feeling the benefits, and yet still feeling an underlying guilt factor. Why is there guilt in receiving? Massage is about getting your needs met. Is your shoulder stiff and achy? Your back hurt? Did you sleep funny and need a little help getting back to normal? Are you training for your first 5k or Marathon? Why feel guilty about getting help for that?

Now if you are over that hump and can’t understand how this would be a benefit to your family, I can tell you other families have felt similarly in the past. In the last 11 years the journey from massaging one adult to providing for the whole family progressed like this. Adult #1 comes in for help with recovering from an injury and/or medical procedure. They come in regularly to address this issue and quickly realize the additional benefits they are receiving beyond what they came in for. Next, they schedule an appointment for their spouse/partner to come in for something specific. Adult #2 quickly realizes the additional benefits and now they are both coming in on a regular basis. Child #1 is injured playing sports, needs help recovering from his/her injury, and is depressed from having to sit out the rest of the sports season. They need a break from school, home, and life in general for an hour. They too feel relief and the additional benefits beyond what brought them in. Fortunately, they don’t have the years of stress and responsibility stored in their tissues like adults do. Kids respond quickly and are often “out of the woods” in fewer sessions.

When I was young, there were less opportunities and choices for kids but now there are so many responsibilities that children take on, all which add to the stressors of body and mind. It's a different world. Not only do we carry heavy books but there's also a laptop/tablet. There are more opportunities to play sports year-round. There are travel teams. We want to give them every chance to shine. Sometimes with special coaches and tutors for every activity, but the responsibility lies on the child to perform, causing mental and physical stress. There are times of trauma, great physical demand, and the stress of life events from which everyone, including children, can use assistance in getting back to normal. Everyone can greatly benefit from receiving a massage. I rarely give a “relaxation” massage, unless that is specifically asked for. I ask my clients to be specific about their needs. Targeted massages that assist in alleviating specific ailments can be exactly the sort of reset button needed in many situations. Have you ever considered having a physical and mental restorative day at home with the family? Conveniently only having to walk into another room to get a massage? How about when friends and relatives visit? Massage can be a beneficial activity for everyone without having to plan too much or go anywhere. It can be a hassle for all involved trying to coordinate a trip to the spa for multiple guests. Strata Modalities can provide Concierge Massage Service for 2 or more people at your location. Do you have older kids that are exhausted, stressed out, in pain from working a part time job, carrying books and laptops, or being hunched over studying all night? Did you recently start a family? Enjoying the wonderment of parenthood, but also feeling all the pains that go along with it? It is common in my years of practice to treat the whole family. Sometimes 3 generations! I see the majority of my clients in my office conveniently located near Trolley Square.

Find Your Balance. Be Your Best.

Relieve, rehabilitate, and restore with therapeutic massage customized to YOUR needs from Strata Modalities. Specializing In:

-Pain relief.

-Sports recovery.

-Repetitive stress and strain relief.

-Stress relief and relaxation.

-Pre and Post Natal massage

-Medical Massage and more……

Ask about our monthly subscriptions with NO contract requirement.

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