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My wine glass runneth over. I’m blessed in my life in all the ways that really matter. But in the day to day - why do I see the mess on the kitchen island instead of the beautiful craftsmanship? Why do I see the kids needing haircuts instead of their adorable faces?

When you’re wiping up bronzer on your bathroom counter for the 88th day in a row and pulling inside out jeans out of the washing machine, it can be hard to find the gratitude that the season - the life! - dictates. Thankful? Sure, yes. The platitudes abound. But how do I turn the gratitude of the week of Thanksgiving to gratitude all the time - even when I get home late after sitting in traffic and projects that take too long and a messy house and too much to do and not enough time. Why is daily gratitude so hard?

I’m starting now - with a grateful heart and a grateful mind. Truly, I am thankful for health and home and family and friends and pie and potatoes and wine and wonder. Thankful to be a mom, which is a heavy lift on a good day and nearly crushing on its bad days. Thankful to be the mom of a teenage girl and how it’s helping me to become a better, more patient, more loving person. Thankful to be the mom of boys and how it’s helping me to be more tolerant and to find more joy. Thankful for new experiences and all they teach me. Thankful for the person I was, the person I am, and the person I am becoming.

Just thankful.

Happy Thanks-giving.

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