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It’s About Time.

The most wonderful (?) time of year is here! Pack away your regular every day stress and bust out that fancy holiday stress. Find time in your already busy schedule of supervising homework, monitoring screen time, and shuttling the kids to various and sundry character-building extra-curricular chosen to at least get them into a good high school if not a better-than-average college to make your list of the holiday extras that really make the season sing.

And then, if you’re me, take a deep breath and a good long look at your already nutty life, and cross a few things off that list immediately. Not forever, not for all time, but for now. Look at a thing on that list that costs time you don’t have and money you’d rather spend on something else and give yourself the best gift of all: letting it go.

Try it. Is Christmas cookies the thing that you do out of obligation and not joy? Is it a certain annual event “you’ve always done”? For me, it was holiday cards - which is ironic because the thing I value the most is communication and I love getting mail. But it felt like too much in that moment in late 2016. I could not find the joy in it. And who wants a Christmas card sent out of animosity and obligation? Try it. You’ll see - the world will go on spinning if you bake one sheet of cookies and buy the rest. The world will go on spinning if you change up the annual holiday outing and try something else this year.

This time of year, more than any other, it’s important to remember: perfect is the enemy of good. Said another way: done is better than perfect. And my favorite holiday mantra - and the one I feel deeply as the season arrives - “good enough”.

Also - and I can’t recommend this strongly enough - put on the Hallmark channel and google “hallmark channel drinking games.” You’re welcome.

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