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Hiding in Plain Sight

The kids are counting down the days - and so am I. They can’t wait to open presents on Christmas morning (and give gifts, too, which really does warm my cold dead heart), and I can’t wait until the holiday weekend starts … because when we pick the kids up from school on Friday the 21st, the fun begins and the work of the season - the decorating, the cards, the errands, the shopping, the elf, the gifts, the wrapping, the baking, the school holiday show, the all of it, on top of all the stuff you usually do but with that added holiday flavor of doing it all when it’s pitch-black and freezing outside - officially ends.

Right now, as I type this, I have six shopping bags sitting next to the chair in the dining room (where I sit and work ever since we split the twins into their own rooms which caused me to give up my home office). Those bags have stocking stuffers, books, a sweater, and several other gift items in them, just ripe for the peeking because I HAVE NO EFFS LEFT TO GIVE. I am feeling about as festive as a c-section and if they want to see their gifts ahead of time, have at it. They are hiding right here in plain sight for anyone to look at.

I am pretty confident that no one will discover my hiding place because there are dozens - scores, even - of things in the house hiding in plain sight that no one else sees either. A jacket on the floor under the coat hook? Invisible. A pile of dirty laundry at the top of the stairs? What laundry. Groceries that need to be put away, someone’s homework that has been signed but needs to get back into the backpack, the lights on in every room? Nope, no one sees them. Completely unseen.

So these gifts will sit here, unwrapped and unhidden for a few more days. The list will slowly get crossed off. I know the joy is coming. It’s so close I can taste it. But there’s so much to do between now and joy.

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