2019, Know What I Mean?

Ended the year with a three hour breakfast date with the friend I’ve known the longest. Couldn’t stop talking even after we paid the check and walked to our cars. I did not ever want our long leisurely coffee talk to end and I think that’s exactly what I need more of in 2019. So that’s resolution #1 - more time with the people that matter most.

Resolution #2? Hygge. This is the Danish mindset of extreme contentment and I am HERE FOR IT. I have some shows I want to watch and some books I want to read and some walks I want to take and some stews I want to simmer and I’m all about the season of hibernation. No jigsaw puzzle is safe. Hot chocolate stocked and recipes saved. Commence all the snuggling.

That’s it. More time with people I love, more downtime at home. More hibernating and less hyper-activating. More tennis and less tense. More contentment and less competition.

Plus moms know the real new year starts when the new school year starts. This is just our mid-year regroup.

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