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Moms These Days

It’s so hard to parent these days with all the technology - what with the Fortnite and the cyber-bullying and the constant battles about screen time. Somehow we have 42 chargers in our house and no one can ever ever find one. Earbuds? Forget it. But - is tech all bad, all the time? Of course not. And in these winter months and since it rains EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, technology is saving our sanity.

So let’s look on the bright side of the tech parenting life, put on our Netflix and reflect for just a moment about how easy we have it.

1. Spying. Holy moly, we can spy on our kids in ways our parents only dreamed of gathering info. Literally, we can monitor their conversations online - and since they are basically all cracked-out screen addicts, those are the only conversations they are having. #win

2. Playdates. Want to have a playdate with some kid you barely know? No problem, I will just email the mom! So much less awkward. I’ll get that email right from the school directory! No leaving messages, calling and getting a busy signal, etc. So easy! #win

3. Babysitters. Texting babysitters has got to be one of the best things about technology for parents. The sitter can confirm via text, no awkward phone calls on her end from random grown-up neighbors. The sitter can text that all is well, or if there’s a question, or send you a picture of the kids playing board games together and braiding each other’s hair. Running late? No need to call the loud-ass house phone and risk waking anyone up! Just text the sitter that you are stopping for bread or one last beer and have at it. Plus venmo-ing sitters has got to rank up there with the big tech advances of our time, right after satellites. #bigwin

4. Phone trees are a thing of the past. Remember when your brownie meeting got changed and your mom would have to call Andrea’s mom who’d have to call Lisa’s mom who’d have to call Jennifer’s mom, no not that Jennifer, the other one, and then the phone and your mom would be tied up for like an hour with that nonsense? Email, baby. #win

5. Last minute. Being a last minute mom is so much easier now. Just hop online and you can get your play tickets, add money to your kid’s school lunch account, venmo your sitter, check what time the game starts, look up how and where to park, figure out how to do something crafty but easy-crafty non crazy-crafty for market day, order your groceries and the birthday party gift, have your holiday cards printed and mailed. Think of all the time moms used to spend figuring out the hows and whens and wheres - now, we can do all that while we watch Shameless. #win

Yup, moms these days. We’ve got this.

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