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Superbowl Sunday

Tonight we gather - as Americans do - around the flat screen TV at our neighbor’s house, munching on buffalo chicken dip and bowls of chili and watching grown men in white leggings knock each other down and chase one another around a field on national television. We do this to celebrate the end of football season and to officially usher in the season of basketball, which will lead us right into the season of baseball and then finally, back to football again.

In most homes, the women will then slowly migrate back to the kitchen, where the real party will be. We will remark about how glad we are to not have to wear white leggings on national television or anywhere, ever. We will wonder aloud about the appropriateness of some these commercials for a family audience. We will discuss behavior concerns - with our own children and their classmates, and sometimes with their teachers and coaches. We will discuss spring break plans and mentally file away things to follow up on, like books to read or recipes to try. We will talk about signing our kids up for swim team and wondering about summer camps and summer sitters. We will help our hostess clean the kitchen and shuffle our kids back home for the last half and that ever-hoped-for good nights’ sleep.

The Superbowl party feels like the last event of the winter entertaining season, and tomorrow dawns a new day - the season of official hibernation. We come out of hibernation wearing green and raring to go for St. Patrick’s Day, but in the next five weeks, we hunker down. We rest and recharge and read. We watch college basketball.

Happy hibernating.

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