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Spoiler alert: contains references to LEGO Movie 2 … specifically that the characters fear “Armomageddon” throughout the film, which is of course translated to “our mom will get in” and hilarious. In summary, LEGO 2 has the cutie patootie little boy from the first movie becoming a brooding tween, and his little sister is all up in his toys. The mom has threatened that they will have to bin up all their LEGO if they can’t share. Guess what? They can’t share. So mom asks them once to clean up the toys and they both do it immediately and without argument.

First of all, that part is PURE FICTION and even less believable than talking LEGOs. LEGOs can’t really talk or dance or seamlessly shape-shift, sure, but kids not talking back about cleaning up? FICTION. And then cleaning up immediately and without missing a LEGO here or there (excluding the three hidden under the dryer)? FICTION. And not getting distracted by 42 other things? FICTION.

Second of all, they can’t share and then of course they can, in the end. It’s the natural evolution of the sibling relationship and frankly it’s the one I’m cultivating daily. I tell my kids frequently that they need to be on each other’s team, and when they make fun of me (on the regular since I try to floss in their presence fairly often), it is music to my ears. Yes! Make fun of me together! Defend each other! Take each other’s side! It’s what the mom in the LEGO Movie wants, and what every mom wants: for their children to love and protect and defend one another. Which is not to say they need to get along all the time. That’s not reality. That’s fiction.

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