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Parenting Fails

In a stunning display of parenting fails, some extremely wealthy and marginally famous people have used their money and influence to get their kids into college through bribes. My first thought was WHOA and then my next thought was nothing because when you have real things to worry about, you don’t have time to read articles and discuss at length the stupid mistakes some parents you don’t even know are making.

After all, there are plenty of parenting fails happening within your own microcosm and - if you’re anything like me - within your own home. Which is not to say that my parenting fails are anything like Aunt Becky and her cronies. Mine might be disappointing (missed the summer camp sign up window) and possibly even shameful (kids, I will take you to Rita’s if you just help me get all this laundry dealt with) but they aren’t illegal. But I have to wonder - is it a slippery slope? What other questionable parenting moves are going on in the years leading up to a college admissions scandal like this? Will my trip for water ice today lead to an envelope of cash under a table tomorrow (yes, I think bribes happen the way they do in the movies)?

And also, I have to feel a little bit - and really, it’s just a tiny bit - bad for the parents. These dummies are so afraid of letting their kids experience disappointment that they are facing possible jail time. JAIL TIME.

The irony. You finally get your kids out of the house and on their way to college and your empty nest comes with bars on the windows.

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