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Baby Giraffe

Tween daughter was tottering around the Florida rental on spring break in my wedge espadrilles, looking like a cross between a runway model and that baby giraffe. All long legs and knees and adorable. I could hardly take it. I blinked and she went from learning to walk to trying on my shoes as a pre-schooler, pretending to be the mom. Now when she tries on my shoes, she means business. Ditto for “borrowing” my mascara. I blinked, and she’s not a little girl anymore.

Same for the twins - who are each sporting floods as I really can’t bring myself to buy pants when it feels like spring and summer weather is here to stay. Sorry boys, anymore cold days and you can either wear shorts with your socks pulled all the way up (kidding! they do that every day!) or you can wear the too-short pants from fall. Sorry about your toes scrunching up in your sneakers, too, but I was sort of hoping the sneakers I bought in MARCH would fit you for at least another month or so.

They grow fast this time of year, like the weeds already popping up through the freshly laid mulch. Everything happens fast this time of year. The season finales are almost here, and then the end-of-year parties. And then summer.

Where’s the pause button???

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