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Can’t Care About Everything

As I wade into my 40s, I realize that my multi-tasking skills are not as sharp as they once were. I definitely have to turn the radio down to find a house number - who knew that hearing and seeing were so intricately connected? - and half-watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy while I fold laundry means that either I have no idea what’s happening on the screen OR the kids’ clothing gets sorted incorrectly, leading to too-short pants on one kid and morning frustration that no one has time for.

And, there is a growing list of things I can’t care about. I have to pick and choose the topics about which I am informed, because the things I *have* to care about - school choice, is it allergies or not allergies?, work deadlines, real issues with our communities - is growing, and my ability to multi-task them is definitely shrinking.

Brexit? Nope. The caloric content of salad dressing? Nope. Who has AirPods and who doesn’t? Getting the perfect gift for a birthday party for a kid I don’t know well? Going to more than one grocery store to get a better price on paper towels at one and fresh produce at another? Nope nope nope.

I can’t care about everything.

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