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The Way We Were

Those damn Facebook memories. That damn TimeHop app. All it does is give me a daily reminder, complete with notification on my phone screen, of how fast it all goes. This week, it was a glimpse back to the Easters of yesteryear, complete with My Little Pony toys and footie pajamas and twins with binkies and blankies. Now, there’s deodorant and cold hard cash in the Easter baskets. I can’t even remember the last time we had a binky in this house (we do still have the blankies).

How do you make time slow down? And do you really want to? I’m not trying to wish it away, but 7th grade is kind of the 10th circle of hell and I’ll be happy when it’s behind us in a few more months. I recall other phases I was more than glad to be done with - sleepless nights, the hitting phase of 2008. Now, of course, I’d trade just about anything to be able to kiss the pain away like I could when it was a scraped knee and not a bruised ego. A year from now we’ll be preparing for our first high-schooler - and all the worry that comes with driving and changing schools and so many other unknowns. Maybe in a year I’ll be nostalgic for today.

But not likely.

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