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Any Given Sunday

It’s time to remind ourselves that we are much more likely to get something if we ask for it appropriately the first time. Remember when your toddler would want apple juice but you gave it in the wrong sippy cup and it was like Apocalypse Now? If he had just said “apple juice in the green cup” we could have avoided this mess entirely. Once one of my twins sobbed for many many minutes because he wanted his pizza in a triangle … which was achieved when I took it out of the oven and then cut it.

This translates directly into our Mother’s Day plans. If you want to wake up late, have a hot cup of coffee in a quiet house, and *then* see the kids for their handpainted flower pots and homemade cards, I strongly suggest you articulate this to someone right now. Daddy (or spouse partner equivalent or supportive helpful friend if you are flying this parenting thing solo) can take the kids out to pick up bagels and flowers for mommy while you sleep in, scroll twitter, and enjoy the quiet solitude of a peaceful morning. Do you want your favorite grilled chicken for dinner? You better tell someone the day before so they can get the ingredients.

Ditto for your mom. Hey mom, what do you want to do for Mother’s Day this year? Then when she tells you, you fit your wants into the day and you hand it all over like a grocery list. Expectations set.

Shouldn’t they know this is what you want without being reminded? No. No one is a mind-reader and the Mother’s Day of your dreams is definitely not on anyone else’s radar. S P E L L it out for them and everyone goes to bed happy that night.

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