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Bye, Regina

There are a few Regina Georges running around - and it always seems like spring brings out the worst of it. These kids have been in class / clubs / bus / sports / scouts together since September - not by their choosing, just by the dumb luck of being thrown into the situation - and they have had enough. They didn’t choose these kids to be in their constant sphere, but there they are. And I know, I know, we can’t always choose our colleagues / neighbors / committee members and they have to learn to deal with adversity and But kids haven’t formed the thick skins yet. Everything feels hard and personal and sad and when kids are mean - and kids are mean! - it feels harder. The reason we, as adults, can shake it off is because we learned the hard way how to do it.

Regardless, it’s spring. We are moments away from a summer of separation from the problem kids and while we’re at it, let’s ingrain this great perspective about the mean kids from a friend:

They may be angry at a less than ideal home situation. They may be dealing with parental discord, lack of affection, sibling jealousy - you name it. Keep your distance from kids that are mean, but understand that someone is probably being mean to them. You are lucky to live in a environment where you don’t have to worry about always being perfect, cool, popular, and you just get to be you. All the time. It’s never okay for someone to be a bully, but the fact is that mean kids are out there and you are kind and some kids will look at that as a weakness. Kindness is the strongest kind of strength. Being kind - even to those who are not, even to those who wish you the worst, even to those who don’t recognize it - is the right thing to do. It’s the right way to be.

And if you can’t be kind, then don’t be available.

Bye, Regina.

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