End of Year Gifts

Sitting in the waiting room of a doctor appointment this week, and one of the lovely clinicians offers me a cup of coffee. I shouldn’t really, she says. It’s not for clients. But, it’s so early. Do you …

No thanks, I say. I’m already over caffeinated and it’s only 8:30 am. We start to chat. She really needs the coffee after the morning she’s had, she tells me.

Long story short: a disappointed kid, which makes for a guilt-ridden working mom. I promised her that not chaperoning her daughter’s field trip was an act of charity. It gave the judgy moms someone to judge, which we all know is code for helping an insecure person feel better about themselves. Her guilt was really a gift for other moms who needed a little lift.

Speaking of end of year gifts, it’s time to remember the teachers. I bet they already have a world’s best teacher coffee mug. I bet they would love a gift card to the local book shop or wine store and a heartfelt note of your deep appreciation for the impact they’ve had on your child. Kids never forget their teachers.

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