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Okayest Summer Ever

End of year projects and tests are happening. Report cards are coming home soon. Teacher gifts will be delivered, graduations will be recognized, and your news feed will be filled with suggestions on how to craft the best end-of-year gift (monogrammed apple key chains! Thanks a “latte” starbucks gift card holders!) and how to make the most of summer. Make your own kite! Movies under the stars with a sheet and a projector and lawn chairs! Sidewalk chalk bombs and silly string welcoming the kids home on the last day of school!

This is a true story: my brother and sister in law just posted a last day of school picture of their son. He is headed off to college in the fall, and in the pic he is standing in the same position as his first day of kindergarten picture and EVEN HOLDING THE SAME UMBRELLA. In both pictures, my BIL is wearing the same shirt. To say that this family has had a tough year is an understatement and somehow they have managed to be organized enough to do this. I am in awe of them and their commitment to the tradition.

Having said that, I’m here to tell you that you can do none of these things and still have a great summer. You can do none of these things and still be a great parent. If you’re like me and limping to the finish line of the academic year, don’t add the stress of a summer bucket list color coded poster board embellished bedazzled chart outlining how to make Summer19 the BEST SUMMER EVER.

Instead, consider this handy five step process to the Okayest Summer Ever:

1. Read at the pool. Maybe have a drink while there.

2. Read at the beach. Maybe walk on the beach or swim in the ocean while there.

3. Read on the screened porch. Maybe eat a meal on the porch too.

4. Read on the screened porch at the beach. Maybe enjoy the company of family and friends while there as well.

5. Avoid traffic and crowds.

6. Keep kids alive.

I figure if I read a little every day, make sure the kids are fed (even if it’s cereal) and avoid situations that stress me out, I’m halfway to the best summer ever without even trying that hard. The rest? We’ll take it one day at a time.

Happy Summer! Here’s hoping it doesn’t go by too quickly.

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