We Are All Summer Mom

It’s summertime, and moms need a break too. No homework and far fewer organized activities help. Encouraging kids to do just a bit more for themselves, now that the stress of the school year is at bay for a few months, also helps. Call it fostering their independence or protecting your own sanity, but if you follow along with this script, you can have the summer you’ve always dreamed of. My wingmom, who turns into SummerMom in June, swears by this regiment. 1. When the kids begin to approach at the summer BBQ or the pool, SummerMom’s immediate response is “Go ask Dad.” If Dad is not available, next response is “I think this is something you can figure out yourself." 2. Munchkins are a perfectly acceptable breakfast. 3. And lunch. If you are still hungry, please see if we have any single serving fruit you can eat like a banana or an apple. If we don’t, check for applesauce. 4. There is always snack bar money but please just help yourself and don’t ask. SummerMom is trying to chat with my friends or close my weary eyes for five minutes or read my book and you can just go self-regulate your snack bar choices. If your belly hurts later, that’s a good way to figure out what not choose next time. 5. Sure, you can watch that. If it’s scary, then you can stop and if it has bad language please choose to not repeat that language to your friends whose mothers care more than yours does. 6. Just kidding! Of course SummerMom cares. That’s why I make sure you go to the mom that *has* the sunscreen to get sunscreened up. And to the mom that always has the snacks when you suddenly want a snack. 7. Too much screen time is not good for you, so when SummerMom is catching up on Billions, you can go ride your bike. If you happen to ride your bike to your friend’s house and he’s playing on his xbox, then you can do screen time there if his mom says it’s okay. I really only monitor the screen time going on at our house. 8. Too much sugar is also not good for you so if you have more than two water ices or packages of twizzlers at the pool, please don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to worry about you more than I already do. 9. No, honey, SummerMom can’t help you with that baking/glueing/slime/playdoh/glitter/sand art project. The sitter will be here in a few days and you can get her to help you with it. I pay her to do the things I really can’t stand, like camp pick up and crafts. If you want, we can do a puzzle or play Clue, or Scrabble. Or Boggle. 10. No, SummerMom is not sure where you left your goggles/pool towel/$5 bill. Sorry. Better luck keeping track of your own stuff next time.

See? SummerMom *is* more relaxed than school year mom, PTO Mom, volunteer mom, or juggling it all mom. Enjoy. Labor Day is 11 weeks away.

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