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Stuff To Do This Summer

Beach, pool, library, mini-golf. Here’s another thing to add to your summer list: make the kids do stuff. Like seriously. As much stuff as they possibly can. Even if you have them take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, help with the laundry, pick up their rooms, and make their beds ALL ON THE SAME DAY, they still have 23.5 hours to play, YouTube, swim, goof off, rest, eat all the snacks, and argue with each other. I mean, it won’t kill them to lighten your load a little bit. You’re even doing them a favor, making them more marketable as a future roommate and giving them the thing that bonds children together like nothing else: a common enemy.

This summer, I’m upping the stakes on accountability. If there is trash in the car, I’m holding ALL THREE responsible instead of just the one who is lazy and slovenly. If the bathroom is messy, all three are in charge of cleaning. I’m hoping that this will mean that they will help each other complete goals and leave me out of it entirely. I’m also hoping that it helps them step up their game - they don’t really seem to care about disappointing me in the cleaning up after themselves department, but maybe they won’t want their siblings on their case as well. Will they do it right every time? Nope. Is it likely going to be good enough? YUP. Do they have the time to spare? Well, since in the time it’s taken me to type this paragraph, I’ve approved TWO APP REQUESTS, I’m going with yes.

Time will tell.

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