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Slow Down

Summer, what’s your hurry? We are just getting settled into your lazy ways and suddenly it’s already approaching mid-July. Lands End is sending me ads for backpacks and lunchboxes and I bet the big displays of school supplies are almost ready to be rolled out at Target. And I am NOT READY. Not ready for three middle schoolers, not ready to even think about setting alarms and definitely not ready nope not a bit ready for homework and the high school application process. Instead, I’m ready for more long pool afternoons that turn into pool nights, laughing with friends and handing out snacks to our kids and whoever else wanders by. I’m ready for more beach time, complete with crashing waves and turning pages. I’m ready to play a little scrabble. I’m ready to go into an afternoon movie and come out expecting full darkness but instead find waning sunlight. I’m ready to enjoy an ice cold adult beverage on the screened porch. I’m ready for a beach vacation with friends and a beach vacation with family and I’m ready for lots more reading. I’m ready, now that I’ve settled in to the summer routine, to think about doing a puzzle. Summer, you just got good. Stay a while.

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