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Mom Eyes

Something has gone missing. AirPods (why does something that costs so much have to be so small?), cleats, this one’s hat, that one’s wallet. Blame is tossed around like a game of hot potato - siblings, friends, me, or my personal favorite - blaming the housecleaner. Ummmmm, no, watch that entitled mouth. The housecleaner dusts and vacuums. She does not move your stuff that should be put away and that you are more than capable of keeping track of. Please.

And once again, Mom to the rescue. With her super tricky Mom Eyes, she can see past the detritus in her path to locate the missing car keys under the mail on the pile on the counter, where you just tossed it all in a heap when you came in. Mom Eyes can see into the recent past and retrace *your* steps for you in order to remind you that the last time you had your AirPods, you were on the living room couch so maybe try moving the couch cushions out of the way. The last time you had your cleats was soccer so maybe check the soccer shelf in the garage. Your hat is hanging on the gear shift in my car, right where you left it. Mom Eyes can also see things other people with regular eyes cannot see - fingernails that need cutting, trash that is almost in the trash can but is actually just on the floor next to the trash can, the socks that are inside out and on the floor at the foot of the stairs that everyone else in the family has stepped over all morning. Do the others just not see these things? Mom Eyes sees them.

Most intriguing of all, Mom Eyes can see into the future. Not the far future, mind you, not enough to keep her from living with a general underlying sense of worry that the bad attitude on display today will lead to a life of drug addiction and video games. Just the near future. The future that shows you arriving at the pool with no goggles because you didn’t put them back where you should have.

Mom Eyes also see how you - when no one is looking - are actually somewhat kind to your brother and you help little kids at the pool. Mom Eyes see it all. Every time.

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