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Fast Times

This summer is literally FLYING by. Swim team season is over. School supplies and fall clothes are in every store. My children have misplaced several beach towels, at least 2/3 of the goggles we started the summer with, and our new favorite at-home activity is finding someone’s missing charger. What we need up in here is a change of scenery - and so we are headed to the Outer Banks with four families (that’s 8 adults and 11 kids) in one big house with a pool, eight bedrooms, a short walk to the beach and the town, and 42 trips to Costco to get ready. Who’s bringing what and how much it costs has been the driving conversation in a text chain that is spanning what feels like decades. One family is flying in, three families are renting beach stuff, no one has quite enough room in their car, and the big question on everyone’s mind is did we buy enough cereal (maybe) and booze (no). Still - just one more week and I get to dissolve in a week of grapefruit crushes and long lazy beach days with my college friends and their families. Just one night of revisiting old memories and making new ones with these people will make the insane amount of planning worthwhile.

When this blog gets published, it will be 5 weeks until the first school night of the 2019-20 school year. We have a lot of summer left … but we all know it will fly by in a haze of collecting towels and seashells, finding the goggles, and applying sunscreen. We’ll be buying school shoes and getting the back to school haircuts before you know it. Buckle up.

Also - how in the name of all things holy can it possibly possibly be 2020 in just a few short months. Was it really 20 years ago - TWO DECADES - that we had to deal with Y2K? I cannot.

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