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Chatting with a dear pool friend the other day and she - with her most beautiful perspective on life and rolling with the punches - tells me that she and her husband call it “OMT.” You read that right. Not OMG. OMT.

As in a car repair costs $600 more than you expected. My response would be OMG! but her response would be “OMT.”

That’s “One More Thing.”

It’s always OMT, isn’t it? One more thing to do before you shut down for vacation. One more thing to grab at the grocery store. One more car repair, house repair, human repair appointment to make. One more load of laundry, dish in the sink, thing to do. Think of those days that you are *almost* out the door and then someone spills their breakfast down their shirt, so you have to go find another clean shirt and put the stain remover on that one because of course it’s the new one they just got and they totally love it and then the dishwasher is full so you can’t put the breakfast dishes in there which means the dishes are already piling up in the sink but you guys, we realllllly have to go and … #OMT.

It’s the best perspective. Life with kids is expensive and unpredictable and rolling with the punches is the only way to survive it. I can’t wait to start using this in my own life - just chalk up the hundreds of incidentals that make up our days into the category of OMT.

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