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Goodbye, Summer

My social media feeds are full of little birds leaving the nest and setting in at colleges near and far (even the nearest must seem far when it’s your baby) and it’s making me think back to the college days and college nights - and mostly, the college mornings. We went to a big party for a friend’s big birthday last night and this morning the texts were flying about who said what, did what, drank what, spilled what. It made me so nostalgic for those mornings that you’d lie on the bed in your dorm room or college apartment living room and just talk it over. The laughing face emoji is not the same as the sound of real laughter; I hope that the college kids aren’t waking up and laying in their beds on their phones and instead are doing the morning laughter face-to-face like I wish I could have this morning. All these years later, it’s the thing I miss most about the school days of my own.

My birds aren’t leaving the nest yet - but we are on the precipice of a big year. Our first bird will make a high school choice this year and our little birds are entering middle school. This is the last year - for a while and possibly forever - that I’ll have all three kids in one school, on one schedule. I’m ready for the year to start but so, so NOT ready for it to end. It will fly by; it always does. And each year, in small ways, the nest gets a little more empty.

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