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Bullying Is Not Just for Jerky Kids Any More

Have you seen this?

If you’re not on FB, I’ll give you the gist: an anonymous person left a note in the mailbox of a mom with a child with special needs asking the mom to keep the child home instead of bringing her to the ball field. AND asked her to not post so much about it on facebook. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. A grown ass woman took the time to type, print, and deliver a letter to a mom of a special needs child SHAMING that person for living her life. A person living here in our community, with kids playing at Midway Little League. A person with kids, who is showing her children that the best way to be is a shaming, judging, cowardly bully. A person who uses “we” instead of me - a person hiding behind groupthink instead of having her own opinion. I hope the anonymous author of this horrifically mean letter reads this, and immediately unfollows the Buzz and unsubscribes to our weekly email - because we don’t want you here. See what I did there? I used the groupthink, the common “we” to shame you. And you deserve it. (Here’s a copy of the note - attached)

I AM NOT HAVING IT. To the bullies of the world - I see you. Here’s a challenge: ask your kids about who gets bullied at their school. No one? How about who gets made fun of? Who gets picked on? I promise you, they know. As we start the new school year, we are all thinking about our own kids - I’m guilty of it too. When my kids get home, I ask how each of them about their day … but I don’t ritually ask about the days of their peers or classmates that might be struggling. Maybe I need to. I bet my children know exactly who is struggling. I bet we can find a way to help.

There is no such thing as other people’s children.

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