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Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Time to make the donuts. Groundhogs Day. We know all the jokes - you wake up, you make the breakfast, you move the dishes from the counter to the sink to the dishwasher, you make the lunches, you move the cutting board from the counter to the sink to the draining board to the cabinet. You do a hundred million billion little tiny things day in and day out, one after the other in a rhythmic routine that feels so rote that you understand how Rosie the Jetson’s robot maid could do it all without a hitch. You’ve rehearsed this routine for so many days that it has become automatic.

But the weekends - the WEEKENDS! You wake up, you pack the soccer snacks, you find the ballet shoes, you move the shoes from the floor to the bag to the car …

You get it. Weekends feel just like a different version of the weekdays with the kids in activities and sports and extra-curricular seasons that overlap, leaving you some weekends where you have playoffs for one sport and preseason for another on the same day. When is the break we get on the weekends? Is it the 8 extra minutes you take for yourself sitting in the car in front of ShopRite, finishing up the podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to all week or just scrolling instagram? Is it staying up past your usual bedtime catching up on Netflix or meeting up with friends? Is it enough?

To me, it’s never enough. I’ve learned to find downtime in the middle of it all. Picture it - reading 4 pages of a novel in between reminding one kid to find his football jersey and the other one to turn off Minecraft and the third one to put dishes in the sink. It’s making the grocery list while you are sitting on the soccer sidelines so that you can maximize your up-time and therefore maximize your downtime. And sometimes it’s escaping reality for a quick 18 hours at the beach to raise a few glasses with friends and toast to never having enough time together.


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