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Lice Clinics of America — Wilmington DE

Lice Clinics of America — Wilmington DE provides an AirAllé treatment that dehydrates lice eggs and bugs. The Food and Drug Administration-cleared AirAllé is a heated-air device used to dehydrate lice and eggs, also known as nits. After the device is used, clinicians perform a comb-out to remove all dead lice and nits, as well as apply a topical rinse of the hair. We also offer a 30 day guarantee on the full service and $15 piece of mind head checks. Those who receive the treatment are sent home with a list of cleaning instructions and other tips for remaining lice free.

They can be lice free within about an hour after being in the clinic. We’re the only ones who use a dehydration method to treat lice and eggs and it’s 99.2 percent effective.

We don’t use any harmful chemicals or pesticides, our treatment process is all natural. None of the over the counter products kill eggs and that’s what sets us apart. Our dehydration method kills lice and eggs in one setting whereas over the counter treatment is a 7-10 day process and in most cases ineffective.

The most common way lice spreads is head to head contact. They don’t have knees or wings so they don’t jump or fly. I tell my clients that lice is a love bug as it spreads when you cuddle, hug and take photos (including selfies). The best preventative is keeping the hair in buns or braids and performing head checks at home with a professional comb.

Lice Clinics Wilmington opened in June of 2018 and has helped over 500 families end their lice nightmare. For more information or to book an appointment you can call/text 302-521-0252 or

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