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Two Months

On top of all the normal stuff you have to do, day in and day out, with free time you can count in minutes on some days, please add in the following: Halloween and all its associated madness including finishing the costumes, making plans to bring your children places wearing them, buying sorting hiding and donating candy; Thanksgiving and all its associated madness including finding and shopping recipes, making travel plans, setting tables, buying hilarious cocktail napkins that bemoan the gathering together of family in these political times, napping. And then the big one: decorate, host, plan, shop, wrap, organize.

It’s a lot. A LOT. And in two months, it will all be over and it will turn into memories that pop up in your photo stream year after year, reminding you of when the kids were little enough for themed costumes and Santa Claus. In the middle of the madness, breathe. Breathe in and out, deeply, and then do it again. It’s said that everyone needs 20 minutes in nature a day, except if you are too busy. Then you need an hour. As we set the clocks back, try to find the hour.

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