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Some Rain Must Fall

When we studied Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in high school (and for English nerds like me, in college), we all read the line “into each life, some rain must fall” and we never ever knew how applicable it would become to every day life until the great rain debacle of Halloween 2019.

Do we have technology to blame? In the 80s or 90s, it would it have been some sidebar conversation in the parking lot at the preschool? “Hey, Jen, have you seen the forecast on Channel 6? Ugh, I wish we had some mechanism for finding out what other people think about potentially trick or treating in gale force winds. Oh well. Off to the A&P. Call the house phone later and we’ll catch up about General Hospital.” No apps to refresh constantly, no facebook groups to consult and weigh-in and shame and patronize.

In fairness, my children are older, have trick-or-treated in the rain before (and I love the memories of my four-year-old Cat in the Hat dragging her tail through the puddles and going to, so determined and excited), and I have no concerns about disappointing them because since they are tweens and teens, I do it every day and so I’m used to it. Turns out the forecasts were (mostly) wrong, the weather held until hours after the porch lights were turned off and the treats had been traded with friends and siblings.

Lessons learned: no matter how much information we have and no matter how many apps we consult, we cannot predict the future. We can only plan our reaction to it. For me, I’m preparing my flock to go with the flow and figure it out as they go, with the important skills of humor and humility which are only learned when we make the best of bad situations. (NOTE: also applicable to politics)

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