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It’s that time of year! Your aunt is asking what the kids want for the holidays, the kids are dropping hints or outright requests every five seconds, and you are looking around at your house filled with junk that goes ignored 80% of the time and wondering why you are thinking about getting a seasonal job to cover everyone’s wish list. It goes without saying that not one person has asked or will ask what Mom wants for Christmas. Three days before Christmas, it will occur to someone in the house that she exists and there will be pandemonium as they all race over to the nearest Walgreens to get mom a gift, but they will literally spend 10 minutes on this outing even though Mom has spend 10,000 minutes preparing for the holidays up to this point. I digress.

And so, as we enter the season of insanity, a reminder: babies are happy playing with wrapping and boxes. If you feel that you must give them actual gifts, consider books - which last and last and last. Toddlers are also happy with wrapping and boxes. If the box is wrapped with paper featuring their favorite character, you win. They will play immediately with the first thing they open and will not understand why you want them to stop playing with the new thing to open another new thing. This is critical to bear in mind with grandparents! Let the toddler open the gift from Grandma first and then put everything else away for another day. Christmas can last until February with toddlers. Pre-schoolers and elementary schoolers are the easiest years. Everything is magical! They love it all! It’s so much fun!

Teens and tweens? UGH. Impossible to shop for. Gift card city. They want autonomy, expensive electronics, and extra long charging cords. And experiences. We are aiming for experiences this year … and yearning for the days when everyone would be happy with a stocking full of binkies or a new outfit for her American Girl doll.

Happy hunting for The Perfect Gift. It doesn’t exist. #GoodEnough

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