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Helping Your Child Find Their Compass

High school education in Delaware is a unique journey. Our kids have options to attend their feeder school, apply to another school within their county, or branch out within the First State. With so many choices, the process can be competitive and stressful, but hopefully a little exciting.

Finding the right fit for your child is the key, and as a mother of two I can certainly attest to how important it is. When your son or daughter attends a school that can help them find themselves – academically, socially and morally -- they don’t just have a chance to succeed. They can thrive.

I’m a big believer in letting young people find their compass; who they are, where they want to go in life, and how they want to get there. This reminds me of one of our students at OCS who was particularly shy and her father was concerned about her lack of confidence. By helping her build her own unique path and incorporating extracurricular activities she loved to nurture her social growth, we were able to open up her world beyond just academics.

I believe any student can succeed in a school environment where relationships are valued - specifically when faculty and staff make it a point to really get to know the character of each student and build relationships with them. These crucial early relationships foster good decision- making skills and creative thinking. And isn’t that what we hope for our children as adults? To be prepared for life after school – whether they attend college or start a career, we want them to know how to navigate life.

Here’s the basic template I have seen work for so many students: Rigorous academic standards, critical thinking skills, and ensuring an environment where students learn how to embrace diversity and work alongside people in a respectful and curious way from those who are different from them. This is a foundation for any young person to grow on.

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