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It’s Now.

At your house, the Elf on the Shelf has possibly made his/her/their first appearance, dangling precipitously from the chandelier or hiding in plain sight on the mantel or in a bath of mini-marshmallows. At my house, pumpkins still adorned the porch this morning. It’s okay. Sometime in the next 23 days (or less, if you - like we are - are traveling the weekend before Christmas) it will all get done. The wrapping, finding, hiding of gifts. The delivery of unwrapped adopt-a-family gifts and toys for tots. The errands and obligations.

The making of cookies and holiday plans, neither of which will turn out exactly as we’d like, but will all be good enough.

Once again, for now and for always, this is the theme of the holiday season. Good enough. Say it with me: GOOD ENOUGH.

Remind yourself, there may not be a perfect gift for an opinionated 11 year old who wants an iPhone 11 and isn’t getting one, but there are dozens of good ones. Good enough. 100% of the wrapping done with gift bags? Good enough. Resting on the couch with the Hallmark channel instead of ice skating? Good enough. It’s okay to not spend two hours and a hundred dollars on stocking stuffers that all end up in the trash anyway. Stuff their stockings or don’t, and guess what - good enough.

My mom had our boys help her set up the little Dickens village in its new spot in her new home this week, and of course as the little evergreens were dusted with snow she learned that the house in front had a bad bulb and wouldn’t light up. To change the bulb would require dismantling a good portion of the village and she looked at me and said “that house has a power outage this year” and that was the end of that. Good. Enough.

Done is better than perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. There are a dozen ways to say it, but it all means the same thing … good enough. Find the parts of the season that fill you with joy, do those parts with gusto, and let everything else be good enough. It’s okay.

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