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The President is being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. My kid can’t find her AirPods. Do we have enough saved for college? High school applications are due soon. I need to find a gift for my favorite annual holiday party of the year (looking at you, Book Club), an outfit to wear to my sister’s party (a very close second except the Book Club party is pajamas-optional and my sister’s party is definitely not although by 11 or so, anything goes), clothes that fit my children and are age- and church-appropriate. I need to get my oil changed. My last chance to make a difference at work this year is happening in the next two weeks and let’s just say it’s been a long, slow climb. I have financial planning paperwork to sign, tax docs to organize, and a menu to plan. There is laundry that needs laundering.

Daily life is a constant balance of the urgent vs. the important, but it all goes to 11 in December. This is the time of year when everything is both urgent AND important, and I’m tired. I want it to all be magical and organized, but I am not sure I’m up to the task of making things magic and getting organized, when I desperately just want to take a nap and wake up in late 2020.

Even the idea of a nap makes me laugh. There is no rest for the weary, and that is never more true than in the two weeks before Christmas. They say it’s all happening and literally - it is all happening. All of it. The parties, errands, cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, planning, organizing, etc. is all happening and it’s all happening now. Buckle up. It’s icy.

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