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Nightmare Before Christmas

House? Decorated. Gifts? Mostly purchased, some even wrapped. Music? On constantly. Menu prepped, outfits more or less chose, bags close to packed. Ready or not, the holiday are here. Find your merry, and find it fast. Here’s the real nightmare before Christmas: Have we done enough - this season and all year - to let our people know we love them, even if we don’t have any idea what they’d like for Christmas (college-aged nephew, I’m looking at you.)? Have we instilled in our children the idea that what we are really celebrating - with gifts and wrapping and music and decorations - is that every year, our faith in the miraculous is renewed? What we’re all celebrating, really, is the miracle of light in the darkness. The oil that lasted longer than it should have. The star that accented a miracle. On the darkest days (metaphorical and actual) of the year, it’s the light we celebrate. Happy holidays. Let there be light, in your home and in your heart.

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