First Spring

This weekend gave us a taste of spring, even as we were undecorating our trees and packing away the winter decor. Will winter come at all this year? The kids in my house are yearning for a good snow day and I’ll even admit that I’d like one. Exactly one. One good snow, good for one good snowman and a few good sledding runs, one afternoon of hot chocolate and one morning of shoveling the driveway. After that, an early thaw and Second Spring can come and stay for a good long while.

And because it’s January, it’s time to think about spring break, summer camps, and next school year - because living in the moment is not possible in 2020. We have to live in this moment and plan ahead for all the moments to come — including 8th grade graduation and the Delaware-specific high school application process which is enough to stress out even the calmest of parents.

Here’s a preview for those with younger children: prep classes, open houses, shadow days, testing, admission applications, essays, interviews. Not all schools accept the same tests so if you want to keep your options open, your child is spending 3 or 4 Saturday mornings testing at various high schools. All of these tests will happen in November, December and January … which is when you might also find yourself busy with holiday events and outings. Oh well, you have a child entering high school and until that child can drive unsupervised, your free time is about driving them places anyway.

Friday night I picked my daughter and friend up after dance class, dropped them off at a restaurant, and because good #TimeManager, I went to Acme. ACME. If that doesn’t scream that my kids have a better social life than I do, what does???

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